Earth Explorer 2002.
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June, 15 2002:

The final report of Earth Explorer is planed on June 19th. The Final Build of Earth Explorer will also ship the same day. We of course plan to add some new features like sun lens flare effect, terrain collisions, and some new other effects. Of course the final version will be available with a fully user-friendly installer interface.


February 26 2002:

The script language system now supports operator overload and the GUI has a better widget focus handling. The character recognition now works well and is about to be implemented as a module. The terrain engine now offers day and night transition and also "pseudo" dynamic lighting.


February 19 2002:

The Soutenance 2 is coming. The result of this will be Earh Explorer beta 2 (0.2.0). For this soutenance we plan to have a beginning of scanner support. We also plan to have the full Extraction process linked with the terrain engine. The character recognition module should be also finished.


February 18 2002:

The Terrain engine now features casted shadow. (see screenshots page, terrain engine section.)


December 2 2001 :
Added detail textures : more details here.


Earth Explorer 2002.